Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists (AzSA) Annual Education Meeting

Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists (AzSA) annual education meeting was held February 8-9, 2019, at the beautiful Hilton Scottsdale. Sandy Nicks-Carter (AzPANA Membership Chair) and I had an opportunity to attend the meeting and once again exhibit AzPANA and AS

PAN. I was pleased to see the meeting was well attended by anesthesiologists from around the state and even a few from our neighboring state of California. I met one other AzPANA member who attends annually. The topics were very interesting and timely; Guidelines for Noncardiac Surgery, Accurately Predict How Long Your Next Case Will Be, Medical Malpractice Forum, Terror at 35,000 Feet: Management of In-Flight Medical Emergencies, Cardiovascular Implantable Devices and Ventricular Assist Devices for Noncardiac Surgery, Hybrid OR for Valve Surgery, Alarm Fatigue and Patient Safety, American Society of Anesthesiologist (ASA) Update and many more. There was plenty of discussion, questions and answers following each 30 min presentation. I walked away learning new material after each lecture.

The exhibit hall was full, and I met many vendors demonstrating their products. The food, vendor space, lecture room; were amazing, and meeting many anesthesia physician colleagues from my former employer, Tucson Medical Center was a pleasant surprise. I also ran into a past co worker anesthesiologist from Boston where I worked until 2018, and it just so happens she is the incoming ASA

President, Dr Beverly Phillip.

AzSA has been very supportive of AzPANA. We certainly appreciate all the kind words and support from our anesthesiology physician partners. I hope to be able to attend next year; this is a great conference, not only for physicians, but perianesthesia nurses too.

Katrina Bickerstaff

AzPANA Secretary 2019-2020


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