GREAT NEWS! - NIWI April 2021 Conference

Carolyn Bennett, BSN, RN, BCPA, CSA

In a prior year this would be unavailable to most at this late date. I was just getting ready to promote the 2022 NIWI Conference when this outstanding opportunity presented itself!

  • The 2021 NIWI virtual aspect allows more attendees and at a lower price

  • AzPANA has a scholarship fund for this conference – you should apply for scholarship funding ASAP

The 2022 NIWI Conference is expecting to be offered in person. It is a very exciting and educational experience. Traveling to and staying in Washington DC is costly but ASPAN and AzPANA team up to cover most of the expenses for AzPANA members.

To cover your costs you should apply for both scholarships. ASPAN scholarship deadline is July 1st, 2021 for the April 2022 conference.



I will be happy to answer questions to help you decide if this is for you


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