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The American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification, Inc. (ABPANC) is responsible for developing, sponsoring and managing the Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse (CPAN®) and the Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesia Nurse (CAPA®) nursing certification programs.

These national professional certification programs are designed for registered nurses caring for patients who have experienced sedation, analgesia and anesthesia in a hospital or ambulatory care facility. ABPANC currently certifies more than 12,800 perianesthesia nurses who have earned the CPAN and/or CAPA credentials.

Do you know a perianesthesia nursing colleague who is ready to take the next step in his/her career?


Encourage your colleagues to take the  CPAN® and CAPA® Examination. 

Candidates may see info on  exams here.

You can help advance perianesthesia nursing by encouraging and supporting others who are eligible to become CPAN or CAPA certified. Certification reflects a commitment to quality patient care and life-long learning.

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