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Jessica Gentes MSN, RN, CHSE, CPN

AzPANA President 2022-2024

Hello current and future AzPANA members;

I am reaching out to introduce myself and thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your next AzPANA President, from 2022-2024. I am excited and look forward to our future collaboration to bring amazing educational opportunities to the State of Arizona.

My nursing career started in Pediatrics, at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Though I love pediatrics I transitioned my practice to Perianesthesia Nursing, where my first opportunity was at an Ambulatory Surgical Center. Luckily for me, I was able to care for adult and pediatric patients and fell in love with this environment. Since this transition, I have practiced in the Perianesthesia setting since 2008. My practice started in Illinois and moved to Arizona (for better weather), where I worked in facilities in Casa Grande and Phoenix.

As I have grown in my practice, it brought more of a desire to serve and mentor fellow nurses. Moving from bedside, to unit leadership, to education, I have found what truly drives me and gives me purpose. Currently, I am a Professor at a University, where I proudly educate the new up and coming nurses who will be our peers.

I joined ASPAN and AzPANA in 2016. I have held positions for AzPANA as an education committee member, Director of Education, Vice President – President Elect, and now President. For ASPAN, I have held positions as member, Education Approver Committee, and a member of the Representative Assembly for 2022-2023.

The Board of AzPANA looks forward to hearing from you. We are group of dedicated volunteers, which are here to help bring educational experiences, multiple scholarships, and connection through meaningful networking to you.

Please reach out to any of the Board of Directors of AzPANA, or myself. Our doors are always open to you.

Thank you for your dedicated service and all that you do for Perianesthesia Nursing.



Jessica Gentes, MSN, RN, CHSE, CPN

AzPANA President


Please visit


AzPANA serves as the perianesthesia resource to advance nursing practice within the community, through professional and educational opportunities.


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