President's Message

July 2019, 


Let me introduce your new AzPANA Board of Directors!


  • Jennifer DonGilli, Vice President/President–Elect

  • Katrina Bickerstaff – Secretary

  • Dara Silverberg – Treasurer

  • Ellen Steele – Scholarship

  • Sandy Carter – Membership

  • Carolyn Bennett – Governmental Affairs/AzSA Liaison

  • Jacque Crosson – Web-Based Newsletter

  • Jessica Gentes – Education

  • Leeann Toone – Education

  • Lois Zettlemoyer – Education

  • Jennifer Nopoulos – Education

  • Rick Gullick – IT

I want to publicly thank each of you in advance for all of your hard work in 2019-2020.


This past weekend the AzPANA Board of Directors got together to put the plan of action for 2019-2020 together.  Some of the events that will occur are a fall conference on October 5, 2019. AzPANA will host this all-day educational offering in Tucson and another all- day educational conference in Phoenix (June 2020).  Our entire calendar is posted on the AzPANA website and includes important deadlines and events for you, our members.   AzPANA seminars are excellent, affordable ways to network while receiving current updates for perianesthesia nursing practice.  Registration is now open for the October 5, 2019 conference at the Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson.


In May I attended the ASPAN National Conference in Nashville, TN.  What an awesome conference with almost a week of events that went from morning until evening.  Next year it will be held in Denver, Colorado.  AzPANA will be offering monetary scholarships to assist in the costs of attending this conference.  These are offered to AzPANA members that meet the requirements outlined in the scholarship application.  This application is located on the AzPANA website  under the scholarship tab.  Plan to attend ASPAN’s National Conference in Denver, Colorado and take advantage of the AzPANA scholarship opportunities.


I would also like to invite AzPANA members to become involved with the organization.  We currently have open Board of Director positions open.  I have been active with AzPANA since 1990 when I joined as a member. Since then I have served in many positions.  This has been a very rewarding endeavor, personally and professionally.  I have met some really awesome perianesthesia nurses and other individuals that deal with perianesthesia nursing.   I invite you to become involved. If you are interested in participating in any of our meetings please let me know.  Willingness to Participate Forms are available online or you can contact any board of director for information.  Take the step, it is really worth it!


In closing I want to thank each and every member for their support of AzPANA and I hope to see you all October 5th in Tucson.







Mary Kay Avina, BSN, RN, CAPA (ret)

AzPANA President 2019-2020

Mary K. Avina

The Arizona Perianesthesia Nurses Association is a non-profit organization which is a state component
of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses ( ASPAN ).
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