I hope this message finds each of you healthy and safe. As the leader of AzPANA, I am interested in knowing what your interests are and how we as an organization can meet your expectations. I would first like to take a moment to introduce myself. I have an extensive history in perianesthesia nursing, I currently work directly at the bedside at the Surgical Institute of Tucson, a small private surgery center. I moved to Tucson from Boston, where I had worked in the PACU at a very larger urban trauma center (we had 65 post op bays…..only inpatient). Most of my career was at this hospital.

Katrina Bickerstaff BSN RN CPAN CAPA

AzPANA President 2020-2022

I was a member of the Massachusetts Society of Perianesthesia Nurses (MASPAN) for many years. I came up through the ranks and I was elected President of MASPAN and served 2003-2005. I had met many people and made some wonderful lifelong friendship. I entered the national ring, American Society of Peri Anesthsia Nurses (ASPAN) not long after finishing my presidency and ran for the office of ASPAN Treasurer. I lost that one, but that did not stop me. I ran the next year for Region 4 Director and I won. As a Director I traveled my district, all through New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even Bermuda. I really enjoyed working with the components and being the liaison to the ASPAN Board of Directors. I was elected ASPAN Treasurer 2011 and completed two terms. At that point the only logical step was the big prize…..ASPAN President. I was elected ASPAN President Elect in 2015 and served as President 2016-2017.  I cannot even begin to tell you what an experience leading an organization of over fifteen thousand members and the global interests of more than fifty-five thousand perianesthesia nurses. I traveled all around the United States and internationally, and at the end of all my many long miles of traveling, almost every weekend, I raked up enough frequent flier points to become Executive Platinum.


Why am I telling you this, I want you to know me and my interests. I found perianesthesia nursing and knew this was for me. I moved here in June 2018 and found myself wanting to get involved again. I joined AzPANA and here I am. I do want to mention, one of my mentors, I could not have been as successful without her support; she is also a very recognized AzPANA member, Jacque Crosson past AzPANA President and ASPAN Past President 2014-2015. Jacque is currently the coordinator of the ASPAN Standards, the core of our perianesthesia nursing practice.  I must also say, not many components can boast of having two national presidents.


I would like to hear from you what we can do for you. AzPANA is made up of dedicated volunteers who are here to provide you perianesthesia education, a variety of scholarships opportunities, and making a connection for networking and problem solving.


Please feel free to contact anyone of the AzPANA Board of Directors and as always, my door is open.


Thank you for all you do for perianesthesia nursing.


Best regards,


Katrina Bickerstaff BSN RN CPAN CAPA

AzPANA President 2020-2022

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AzPANA serves as the perianesthesia resource to advance nursing practice within the community, through professional and educational opportunities.