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Jessica Gentes MSN, RN, CHSE, CPN

AzPANA President 2022-2024

Hello current and future AzPANA members,


I am reaching out to say Thank You for an amazing 2022-2023 year! As the holiday season approaches and we reflect on our blessings, I am truly thankful for our members and our Board of Directors. This last year we have had some amazing accomplishments.


  • National Convention in April of 2023, was the largest National Convention, held virtually and in person in Denver, Colorado. Approximately 15-20 AzPANA members were present where we exchanged of ideas, related to stories from around the United States, and had fun like only nurses can.

  • In June of 2022, we held a successful virtual conference, which provided great education and allowed for participants from Arizona and across our other regions to participated.

  • Spring of 2023, our first in person and virtual conference was held in Phoenix, since the COVID pandemic.

  • Recently (Fall 2023), we were again able to hold another successful event in September, with amazing speakers.

  • Three amazing Blog Articles, written by our amazing board!

  • Lastly, starting a Newsletter!

These accomplishments could not have been done, without each and everyone of our members. Submitting ideas for what is concerning to you now and what you are wanting to learn. So, thank you for providing this valuable feedback.


The Board of AzPANA looks forward to your continued support of this amazing organization. We are a group of dedicated volunteers, which are here to help bring educational experiences, multiple scholarships, and connection through meaningful networking to you.


Please reach out to any of the Board of Directors of AzPANA, or myself. Our doors are always open to you. If interested in getting more involved and serving as a committee or a board member, please fill our Willingness to Serve Form.


Thank you for your dedicated service and all that you do for Perianesthesia Nursing.



Jessica Gentes, MSN, RN, CHSE, CPN

AzPANA President


Please visit


AzPANA serves as the perianesthesia resource to advance nursing practice within the community, through professional and educational opportunities.


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