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Eileen F. Dalton Memorial Excellence in Clinical Practice Award 2024

Open Nomination Form, complete on-line and download/save for emailing.

The Eileen F Dalton Memorial Excellence in Clinical Practice Award was created to recognize and formally endorse an individual’s outstanding contribution to the profession of perianesthesia nursing.

During her 25 year nursing career Eileen had many roles, but none suited her as well as being a perianesthesia nurse. Working in PACU, ambulatory care and pre-op holding, she brought a unique blend of expertise, compassion and humor to the bedside.

Following her own CPAN certification in 2000, Eileen became a Certification Coach and encouraged coworkers to earn their own CPAN or CAPA credentials.

She was proud to be a nurse and continuously sought opportunities to serve her profession and promote excellence. Her support of AzPANA was tireless and after working on education projects and conference planning she became Component President, 2003-2004. In appreciation of her continued service she received theAzPANA President’s Award in 2007.

In 2007 Eileen also received the Advocacy Award from the American Board of PeriAnesthesia Nursing Certification; the award is given to recognize a certified perianesthesia nurse who exemplifies leadership as a patient advocate.

Eileen was a breast cancer survivor of 14 years -- and early in 2007 she learned that the cancer had returned. She spent her last year enjoying life as she always had --relishing the joys of her family and finding time to do things for other people.  AzPANA is fortunate to have had Eileen as a member and leader; she is remembered for her optimism, kindness, and enthusiasm.

Eileen Dalton died on January 2, 2008.

She is remembered as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a nurse, and, to many AzPANA members, as a leader and friend.


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