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Connie Hardy Tabet


ASPAN Region One Director

August 2020

Region One Celebrates Together

ASPAN 2020 Newsletter contest winners

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ASPAN Outstanding Achievement Award recipient, Anita Thies (NPANA)

ABPANC 2020 Advocacy Award recipient, Lynda Lepp (PANANM)

In the best circumstances, changes can be hard to adopt when routines become altered.  Over the last five months, perianesthesia nurses have been challenged to rise above unexpected hurdles in our distinguished specialty.  Our world is experiencing frequent adjustments more than ever and this can be emotionally taxing on one’s well-being.  It is important to continue to celebrate each accomplishment, big or small, and value each team member, their contribution and maintain resilience. 

Remember, we can freely share smiles, compliments, compassion and deliveries of kindness that can transform someone’s experience into a better moment.  Literature confirms that the gifts received from kindness gestures and generosities reciprocate equally (between) for the giver, and the recipient.  No better time than now, to initiate the KINDNESS ripple effect!

Strive to be attentive to your mindfulness and well-being.  There is a plethora of evidence that champions self-care and the return on investment of personal health investments advantages.  In order to care for others, it must start with being attentive to yourself.  Self-care is a necessity, not an extravagance!  It is essential to carve out daily time to re-connect with your inner self.  It can be as simple as taking a mindful minute to focus on breathing or meditation; sitting for a quiet moment of rebooting and reflection; (numerous varieties of) all levels of physical activities; building relationships and staying connected.  Of course, anything in between, offers numerous empowering therapeutic benefits to you and those in your circle.  Replenishing yourself first, enables one to care for others whether at home, work or our communities.  

ASPAN’s president Elizabeth Card, has been actively leading the board of directors (BOD).  Despite these unprecedented times, your BOD leadership remains committed to advancing perianesthesia nurses and our profession.  Your component leadership and valuable team members are important to ASPAN.  In May, the Strategic Planning (Strategic Work Teams -SWTs) brainstormed together, synthesized ideas and updated the 2020 strategic plan.  You are encouraged to visit the ASPAN’s website (for more detail).  For your convenience they are briefly summarized below. 

ASPAN’s Core Purpose: To empower and advance the unique specialty of perianesthesia nursing.

Core Values: C.A.R.E.S.: Courage, Advocacy, Respect, Excellence, Service

Compelling Vision: ASPAN will be distinguished as the premier organization for perianesthesia nursing excellence.

In July, ASPAN BOD hosted a first virtual ASPAN leadership COVID19 Town Hall meeting for component leadership with over 55 attendees.  It was much needed, valuable and enjoyable way to connect with members and leadership.  The feedback has been extremely positive and future town halls are being planned.  ASPAN’s next BOD meeting is planned for August 16.  ASPAN recently made an announcement regarding the newly Well-Being Strategic Work Team's website and look for a collaborative toolkit rolling out soon.

My newly assigned board liaison committees had an opportunity to assemble with Elizabeth’s guidance; Innovative Strategic Work Teams (SWTs) and ASPAN Civility Task Force (TF).  The Innovative SWT taps into nurses thinking outside the box by pioneering novel adaptions used in our profession.  The Civility TF has agreed to work with two other national organizations AORN and AANA to develop collaborative initiatives, disseminate a joint statement on workplace violence and healthier work environments.

Recently, I had the honor of attending several virtual region one component meetings.  It is a brilliant avenue for me to be involved with your component, as travel and in person gatherings have been reduced for safety reasons.  Share your upcoming dates so I can save the date on my calendar.



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