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Scholarship Opportunities


The AzPANA Mission is to serve as the PeriAnesthesia resource to advance nursing practice within the community through professional and educational opportunities. Each year the AzPANA Board of Directors allocates money for scholarships to assist AzPANA members towards goals of continuing nursing education. There are also scholarships for members who are planning to take the CAPA or CPAN Certification test this fall or members who will be re-certifying.

Those considering applying for a scholarship must be a member of AzPANA for the past 2 years consecutively. The number of points required depends on the type of scholarship; it ranges from 4 points to 10 points. Members can easily earn points by attending an AzPANA educational offering, writing an article for the AzPANA website or volunteering to serve on the AzPANA Board. This past February in celebration of PANAW all AzPANA members received a certificate good for 2 points towards any type of scholarship; this is a great start towards earning the necessary points.

The application form is available on the AzPANA website at Scholarships should be submitted to the scholarship chairperson at the address listed on the application form.

AzPANA is dedicated to assisting our members in reaching both educational and certification goals.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Ellen Steele RN, BSN, CPAN, CAPA

Scholarship Chairperson

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